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Planned Gifts

Planned Gifts are becoming an increasingly popular way to leave a lasting gift. Bequests made through your will, and special gifts by other methods such as life insurance or charitable trusts will help patients for years to come. With the assistance of your own financial advisor and the Foundation, your gift can be structured to help you support our hospital without jeopardizing your current needs.


Promise of Tomorrow – May is Leave A Legacy Month…

from the SGH Foundation Community Update published in the Beacon Herald May 31, 2017

Did you know 50% of Canadians do not have a will? Leave a Legacy month encourages individuals to consider what is most important to them--without a will, people lose the ability to control distribution of their estate to their chosen beneficiaries.

Ordinary people show extraordinary generosity by leaving legacy gifts to our hospital intheir wills and estate plans.These gifts show that kindness is demonstrated by people from all walks of life – with different income levels, professions, and passions.

Because of their commitment to our hospital and concern for others, their memories will live on, and their gifts will remind us all that we, too, can make a difference in the lives that follow.

Choosing to leave a gift from the heart brings meaning, dignity and purpose to a life well lived. Your gift is your opportunity to participate in areas most meaningful to you, in a way that allows important causes like our hospital to be well supported now and long after you have gone. Surprisingly, a gift can also be a very practical addition to a financial or estate plan when tax issues are taken into consideration-- your professional advisor can teach you
how giving may actually benefit your family after you’re gone.

A gift in your Will doesn’t have to be large to make a difference--even a small percentage of what’s left after your loved ones are provided for could have a tremendous impact on our hospital and the care we can provide.

A person’s legacy is a reflection of their values – the hospital foundation can help their legacy reflect those values in a very meaningful way. There are many financial tools that can be used--but for 90% of bequests it’s very simple and the most important thing is an alignment of heart—giving with heart & soul.

We’re committed to helping our donors fulfill their own hopes and dreams, turning the love and generosity they have in their hearts into something tangible—and to recognizing the indispensable role donors play in building a stronger, healthier future for us all.

Imagine our hospital without the New North Wing, without our new and revitalized spaces like the Critical Care Unit, Paediatrics, Maternal Child and our Mental Health Unit. Now take away our MRI, our Nuclear Medicine Camera, and all our equipment. And the picture becomes very clear…our donors are an integral part of the patient care team.

We have just celebrated 34 years of donor generosity.Thank you to each and every donor, to those who left legacies, Hospital staff, physicians, volunteers and friends—222,597 gifts, 45,287 donors and a 34 year total raised in all funds cash & pledges of $54,658,562! The impact on healthcare and the lives of so many—PRICELESS!

Next time you visit our hospital, please take a moment to look at our donor recognition wall….you will see a multitude of gifts “In Memory of ”.

A special thank you to those who have included Stratford General Hospital Foundation in their Will, helping to keep the promise of tomorrow.

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