Current Projects and Initiatives

4th Annual Teddy Bear & Friends Campaign for our Tiniest Patients

Please help support our Special Care Nursery Equipment Needs!


March 2019 - 4th Annual Teddy Bear & Friends Campaign begins!

Our Special Care Nursery RN Loralee McNaughton continues her amazing work on Teddy Bear & Friends campagin in support of our Special Care Nursery. 

To date the Teddy Bear & Friends Campaign for the Special Care Nursery first launched in May 2016 has raised over $80,000! The Special Care Nursery needs infant warmers at $43,000 each to care for our tiniest and most vulnerable patients. New technology and standardized infant warmers, give nurses and the paediatricians the tools to do their jobs….and focus on the babies. The infant warmers are used during resuscitation and assessments of premature babies or newborns after delivery.

Sponsor a bear or friend for only $100 and support the equipment needs of the Special Care Nursery! For every gift of $100 or more a plush Bear will be given to a child at our hospital. Donors to Teddy Bear & Friends will be entitled to a tax receipt for their gift.





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