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smallTALK is a #ECSFund Recipient!

smallTALK is a #ECSFund Recipient!

COVID-19 has certainly brought many changes to smallTALK, Huron-Perth’s Preschool Speech and Language Program. Our clinicians went from providing face-to-face service in our clinics and within the community at Early Childhood Learning Centres and homes to only being able to conduct phone consultations with families and service providers in the community.

As COVID-19 continued to impact our ability to work directly with our pediatric clients we knew that we had to start looking at new (for us!) ways of providing services to our young clients. Virtual telepractice allows us to provide direct assessment and therapy to our clients through the use of video, which in turns helps us to plan current and relevant treatment for our clients.

The equipment needed to support virtual telepractice can be costly when you are starting out and without support, only the bare minimum could be provided. However, with the support of Andrea Page at the Stratford General Hospital Foundation, we were able to apply for a grant through the Emergency Community Support Fund to help offset the cost. We are extremely grateful to the Stratford Perth Community Foundation for recognizing the importance of early therapy for speech and language development and supporting our grant proposal. Through their generosity we were able to not only purchase the bare necessities, but additional equipment and technology that will allow us to connect with many of our families across our two counties and continue to provide the exceptional support our families have come to expect…even if it is at a distance!

- Julie D. Brown, MSc, SLP(C), Reg CASLPO
  Manager of smallTALK: Huron Perth Preschool Speech Language System


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