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Our BD MAX is fully paid for!


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Pictured here: Terri Natywary from the SGH COMBINED LAB.PRG

(Click for group photo) Dr. Bill Brintnell, Josh Lewis, and Terri Natywary from the SGH COMBINED LAB.PRG.

Microbiology BD Max Analyzer which uses molecular technology to quickly detect viruses is now “PAID In FULL” through donor generosity.


Our Donors are Healthcare Heroes

The Stratford General Hospital Foundation has established the HPHA Healthcare Heroes Fund—a fund that puts donated dollars to work purchasing vital tools and resources.

At the top of our list is a piece of microbiology molecular testing equipment called a “BD Max” which can be used to detect and identify both the COVID-19 and influenza viruses—essential if the battle with Corona virus takes months or we see a resurgence in the fall as some have predicted. This equipment will have ongoing impact over the next decade ensuring molecular testing with the increased capacity to produce results of up to 24 tests within three hours. This decreased testing time during peak flu season will not only impact Stratford General, and the three other HPHA hospitals in St Mary’s, Seaforth and Clinton but all 12 hospitals as part of the InterHospital Lab Program in our region. Testing results will allow Clinicians more rapid information to determine isolation and bed allocation needs of hospital inpatients.

And while all indications are that we’re “flattening the curve” in Ontario, it’s entirely possible that we’ll still see a surge in cases and an ongoing struggle until an effective treatment or vaccine is produced. According to Paul Roulston, SGH Foundation Board Chair, we should hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

The HPHA Healthcare Heroes Fund, will be used for both short term essentials and longer-term strategic impact, in case the battle with COVID-19 lasts for months… even years.


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First Gong Strike Sept. 5 2014

Gong strikes a positive note for patient experiences


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