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Thanks to our donors! SPECT-CT Camera is paid in full!

Nuclear Medicine Specialist Dr. Alhrbi demonstrated the benefits of Stratford General Hospital's new SPECT-CT Camera through the review of a number of case studies. SPECT-CT enables the direct correlation of anatomic information and functional information resulting in greater detail and accuracy. SGH is one of a few sites utilizing this technology. The SPECT-CT Nuclear Medicine Camera is now "paid in full" thanks to the generosity of our donors!

L to R: SGHF Board members Dave Carter and Brent Hiller, Interim Manager Medical Imaging Louanne Plain, SGHF Board chair Rick Orr, SGHF Board member Debbie Reece, Nuclear Medicine Specialist Dr. Alhrbi, Nuclear Medicine Technologists Jenn Muir and Alysha Wagoner.

Posted Wednesday, October 28 2015