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Ready to make a difference in your community hospital?

Get involved with Stratford General Hospital Foundation and build your own Personal Fundraising Page.  

You’ll have access to a personalized online fundraising centre with all the tools you’ll need to set up a personal fundraising page, accept online donations, email your friends and family, connect with them through social media, and track your progress.

You can be instrumental in saving lives here at Stratford General Hospital with every dollar you raise!

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Honour the memory
of a  loved one.

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Recognize someone

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Help save lives instead
of receiving a gift.

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Ask your friends to
show their support!

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Work together for
greater impact.

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Celebrate with a gift
to your hospital.

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Ask for a donation in
lieu of a special dish!

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Promote your virtual
lemonade stand.

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The Foundation office is here to assist you with your personal fundraising pages!

Stratford General Hospital Foundation
46 General Hospital Drive
Stratford, ON N5A 2Y6

Phone: (519) 272-8210 ext. 2626