In an effort to thank and recognize pacesetting sponsorships and donations we will endeavour to provide recognition opportunities as per the wish of the donor.


All or some of the following will be utilized/offered upon consultation with the donor:


  1. Tax receipt and thank you letter.

  2. Personal call or note from the Chairman of the Board or Board Trustee.

  3. Donor Stewardship reports—updates on the project.

  4. Media Release sent to all media within 100-mile radius. Set-up of photo opportunity.

  5. Thank-you ad in the Beacon Herald, with photo.

  6. Appropriate recognition according to donation level, on our Donor Wall, which is located in the new June Blanch Lobby.

  7. Photo and mention in the Foundation’s Annual Report, which is distributed to all donors in the past fiscal year.

  8. Dependant on donation level, full-page story/photo in the Foundation’s External Newsletter the Monitor. This is mailed to a mailing list of 7,000 names.

  9. Plaque on equipment or mounted in the area the equipment is used. For room naming opportunities plaque/signage and dedication ceremony.

  10. Photo in the Hospital’s internal newsletter to staff and volunteers (SGH General Speaking/or Alliance publication).

  11. Tour and demonstration of equipment to donor (and family), or donor organization’s membership. Tour and ribbon cutting of named space/room.

  12. Picture of cheque presentation/equipment and a thank you plaque, which can be displayed at donor’s location (i.e. home, place of business, organizational headquarters).

  13. Our heartfelt gratitude for your generous support!